Stanag On Demand Server

On-demand video servers with geo-spatial metadata are a powerful tool for situational awareness. They provide real-time access to video footage and metadata, allowing users to gain a better understanding of their surroundings and make informed decisions. These systems use specialized software to store, process, and transmit video data from multiple sources, such as drones, cameras, and sensors. The video data is often accompanied by geo-spatial metadata, which provides information about the location, orientation, etc.
This can be particularly useful in dynamic or complex environments, such as military operations, disaster response, and surveillance applications.
On-demand video servers with geo-spatial metadata can be accessed through a variety of devices and platforms, allowing users to view and analyze the data in real-time (or archived). This can help users to make more informed decisions, enhance mission planning and execution, and improve communication and collaboration.

STANAG On Demand Server delivers On-Demand / Live FMV and geo-spatial metadata to video analysts and field operators in order to help them easily access, analyze, and present mission information. The server allows efficient review of vast amounts of ISR content using mission-related / general spatial queries.

  • On Demand / Live and Live Low latency video playback.
  • Situational Awareness (video and online/offline maps).
  • Geo queries.
  • Video bookmarks.
  • Detailed STANAG MISB metadata presentation.
  • VMTI (Video Moving Target Indicator) support.
  • Multi-channel STANAG stream recording (UDP unicast/multicast).
  • SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) support.
  • Geojson annotations (over the video and maps)
  • Powerful administrative tools, user/groups authentication and authorization.
  • Video/metadata transcoding services.
  • Scheduled operation.
  • Activity logger.
  • Front-end JS components for custom web client development.
  • ITAR free.



  • VOD - basic license. Video on demand services
  • Live - live stream playback
  • Multi sensor - multi-sensor platform support
  • Number of concurrent users - number of allowed concurrent clients

STANAG On Demand Server works with Platforms, Missions and Sensors.
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