STANAG Player  Version 1.6.0

STANAG 4609 FMV ISR player.


STANAG Player is an advanced FMV STANAG 4609 compliant ISR viewer for live low latency and archived video content presentation.

St Player


  • STANAG 4609 files and live low latency stream (UDP, Ts over RTP) playback.
  • STANAG 4609 HLS (VOD) playback. Local files or server
  • STANAG 4609 stream recording (TS files or HLS recording of UDP streams. GOP aligned segmentation)
  • STANAG 4609 DVR - Live / Pause, Frame accurate (with full sync to Klv) Seek and Step FF / Backward, Back to Live. Time shifted playback
  • Klv metadata extraction and presentation (MISB 0601.X, 0102.X, 0903.X, 1204.1). Multiple Klv Pid support
  • OutOfBand Klv (RAW) support
  • Cut and export clips from STANAG file, preserving Klv metadata
  • Metadata packets export (JSON), MISB to GeoJSON export
  • Metadata packets export as KML (KMZ), Network link and Tours for 3D Google Earth
  • Metadata extraction and recasting over UDP (RAW Klv / Json)
  • GPU accelerated 3D video overlay engine
  • Pixel to Geo (Mouse / Video Marker)
  • Video Ruler - on-screen distance measurement
  • Perspective grid overlay
  • GeoJSON annotations (draw over the video, import / export)
  • VMTI (Video Moving Target Indicator and Track Metadata) support
  • Situational Awareness - metadata presentation on a Map (online / offline)
  • Geo queries - filmed area, "heatmap", find relevant video by map area selection
  • MIL-STD-2525 / STANAG 2019 APP-6 symbology presentation
  • Stream analysis charts - timestamps, bitrate, discontinuities etc
  • Player automation over HTTP. Remote player control (REST)

The "swiss army knife" of STANAG tools.


StPlayer has separately licensed options that allow you to enhance the capabilities of the player in specific application environments.

  • File Playback (basic license).
  • Stream Playback.
  • Stream Recording (with DVR).
  • Video Overlay tools.
  • Metadata recasting.
  • Stream analysis tools.

File Playback is a basic player configuration. It includes a STANAG file playback, MISB metadata presentation and basic situational awareness features (map, platform, footprint, etc).
Stream Playback adds a low latency STANAG network stream playback (unicast/multicast UDP and TS over RTP).
Stream Recording option allows stream recording to disk. Recorder works in TS file or HLS recording mode. Recording can be segmented (by size/duration) and GOP alligned. DVR mode.
Video Overlay tools option adds GPU accelerated 3D video overlay engine with metadata presentation on top of video, Pixel to Geo, Perspective grid, Distance measurement, Video marker and video / geo annotations, etc.
Metadata recasting option is used to re-broadcast extracted (RAW or decoded) stream metadata over UDP for processing by other applications (Metadata sharing).
Stream analysis tools option is useful for developers - for video / Klv analysis, interoperability testing, etc, to quickly identify impairments and artifacts.

User Guide


Player Controls

In DVR mode, there are several additional controls:

DVR Controls


File Playback

Stream Playback

Stream Recorder




Cut and Export clips from STANAG files.

Klv View.

Map view.

Perspective Grid

Geo synchronized Video / Map marker

On-screen distance measurement


VMTI (MISB 0903.3)

Stream Analyzer

Klv Recasting


KML Network Link

Google Earth Tour

Player Automation

License activation

Session configuration


HLS support.


Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of StPlayer without any modification to the application. For more info on plugins see Plugins.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 64 bit.

Virtual machines and Windows Server may have issues with DirectX installations, so video rendering may not work properly.

Multiple displays support

StPlayer uses Microsoft's video mixing renderer (VMR9) to show video. On some computers / some display drivers video is not shown properly on the second display. In that case you can switch to DirectX (Direct3D) rendering (must be installed) by selecting this option at Options->Misc.

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