STANAG Player  Version 2.0.0
KML Network Link

Publishing KML Network Link

The StPlayer can publish geographical data as KML Network Link.
The following data will be shown:

  • 3D model (position, pitch, roll, etc)
  • Footprint (based on corner points)
  • Frame center
  • VMTI targets.

To start publishing, click Export->Publish as Network Link in order to open the configuration dialog.

  1. Browse the target folder and select the kml file name. This is the file that can be opened with the Google Earth application.
  2. Set the desired refresh rate (in ms), model, etc.
  3. Start publishing.
  4. You can adjust the model size and trail duration on-the-fly.
GE Kml Network Config

StPlayer creates all required assets (for platform, trace, 3D model, etc) and a .kml (network link) file. Internal http server is used to properly serve files to Google Earth. If you need more control, for example, to serve network link from the external web server, consider using StExporter utility.

View with Google Earth

You can consume the network link with Google Earth application (directly, as a file, or via web server).
Double click the .kml file to open the network link, or simply press the Open with Google Earth Pro button (button will show up when the link file is ready).

GE Kml Network Link

You can use Google Earth Pro and edit the link, enhancing its properties.

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