STANAG Player  Version 2.0.0

Saving screenshots and metadata

You can save a current video frame screenshot and accompanied metadata (if available) by pressing Take sceenshot button.

Taking a Screenshot

There are two modes available:

  • Manual file name selection
  • Silent mode (predefined location and configuration)

Manual file selection

In this mode, a user is asked to select a file name and the location on every Take sceenshot button click.

Silent mode

In this mode, the snapshot is taken silently, according to a predefined Snapshots configuration.
The name is composed of a current url (file name or IP:Port) + current position (in milliseconds).

Snapshots configuration

Configuring a snapshot

Ask for path - If checked, you'll be asked where to save a file(s) every time you click the Take screenshot button. Otherwise, the operation will be silent.
Directory - Folder used in silent mode. Save metadata - Save metadata with the frame picture.
Metadata format - One of the following metadata formats:

  • Json - MISB 0601 with nested sub-standards, like 0102, 903, 1204, etc. The number indicates the standard Tag.
  • Json Detailed (with detailed info about the tags and values)
  • Geojson
  • Kml (kmz)

Picture format - One of the following picture formats:

  • Bitmap
  • Jpeg
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