STANAG Player  Version 2.0.0
Klv Breakpoints.

You can automatically pause stream/file playback when certain metadata conditions are satisfied.

Setting Breakpoints

Press Klv Breakpoiints button to open Klv Conditions Windows.

Klv Conditions Window

There are two modes available:

  • ANY - Breakpoint will be triggered if any of the conditions are true.
  • ALL - Breakpoint will be triggered if all conditions are true.
Klv Breakpoints

Breakpoint properties:

  • Enabled - Enable/Disable Breakpoint
  • Tags - MISB 601 Tag
  • Condition - Logic expression to evaluate
  • Value - Condition Value
  • Deviation - Deviation in % (or in seconds, for time) for eq* (equal to) or **neq (not equal) conditions. Serves as an accuracy threshold

Select the required mode and MISB tag(s), type in an expression and the corresponding value in the Condition and Value boxes (such as gt > 90) that must be true for the breakpoint to be triggered.

For eq and neq operators, you can add the required accuracy (by specifying the Deviation).

For example, let's say you want to set a breakpoint to be triggered when the altitude is 1000 m. The platform metadata may never report the exact 1000 m value, so we may set the accuracy of a few meters (+/-) or so. This can be done by defining a deviation. The percentage is based on the available range (you'll get a hint for every tag). For time-based tags, you may set an accuracy in seconds.


Metadata can be one of the following types:

  • date / number

    Available Logic operators:

    present, absent, eq, neq, gt, gte, lt, lte

  • string

    Available Logic operators:

    present, absent, eq, neq, startsWith, endsWith, contains

  • Nested Local Set

    Available Logic operators:

    present, absent

Triggering breakpoints

When a condition is true, the player will pause the playback.

Klv Breakpoint triggered
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