STANAG Player  Version 2.0.0
Session configuration

Processing configuration

It is possible to configure various processing parameters (Session config window)

Processing config
  • Active Pid. Select Klv data stream (in case you have more than one).
  • Max Delay. Video / metadata sync delay. The Player will try to sync video and data during this period. This is relevant for push (stream) mode only. Note, increasing this value will lead to increased latency!
  • KlvSampling. You can configure the player to provide only part of the metadata. In this case, the klv packets are sampled (min interval between the packets).
  • Filter short pckts. Sometimes the stream contains packets with only timing or Security Metadata Set information, so they are not very useful for presentation. You can filter such packets by setting a minimum number of tags in a packet.
  • Sync Offset allows fine-tuning of video and metadata synchronization.
  • By default, the player validates a checksum of the Klv Packet and discards all the packets with the wrong checksum. Sometimes, for debugging purposes, you can try to process such files. Please note, this can lead to an application crash!
  • It is possible to disable audio processing (mostly for UAV videos).

Using configurations

StPlayer allows saving and reusing session configurations. All current session parameters are saved as .cfg file (json format) with (optional) accompanying .db (for extracted metadata) and .sqlite (for geo info).

You can find the commands for dealing with session configuration in the main application menu:

  • Load Session
  • Save Session as...

Saved Sessions can be easily accessed via Resent Sessions menu.

Once you create or load the configuration, it is considered to be the "current configuration" and all the changes that you do are saved in this last configuration.

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