STANAG Player  Version 1.11.8
VMTI (MISB 0903.4)

StPlayer supports VMTI (Video Moving Target Indicator and Track Metadata) presentation. If VMTI data is present in the stream, both, detections and tracking info will be overlaid over the video and map.

VMTI presentation

You can preview the VMTI metadata in the Klv Monitor window.

VMTI metadata

The Map view will show (of course, if the relevant data is available) the target center, bounding box and the track info. If only the target center is available, it will be presented as a cross.

VMTI targets

In order to get a target ID just hover with the mouse over it:

Target Id

You can disable VMTI presentation on the map in a Settings dialog:

Enable VMTI presentation

It may be useful, if there are too many targets in the stream and the map cannot handle the volume, or when this information is not important.

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