STANAG Player  Version 2.0.0

GeoJSON is a standard file format for representing geographic data. StServer can upload a GeoJSON file to be used as Annotation on both video and a map. The GeoJSON data will be internally hosted in StServer DB. When a camera points to the relevant geo position, the Player automatically presents the GeoJSON data for display over the video.
If a Map window is opened, the GeoJSON annotation will be presented there as well. Alternatively, you can create the annotation directly on the video, using StPlayer's Annotation editor. Once you’ve added the Annotation, you can configure the appearance of its data and control when it is visible.

Annotation Control

Annotation Editor

Annotation Editor

You can edit annotation colors and opacity with Annotation Style Editor.

Annotation Style Editor

Once set as Visible, the annotations are shown on the map.

Annotations on the Map
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