Using MisbCoreNative with Nodejs

To use MisbCoreNative library with Nodejs you can write an add on or use npm library like ffi-napi.

Using MisbCoreNative with ffi-napi

Note, you have to add ffi-napi package

Here is a code that prints a nodeinfo string, reads a raw binary buffer and decodes it to JSON:

import ffi from 'ffi-napi';
import fs from 'fs';

const binaryBuf = fs.readFileSync('./packet.bin');

const libmCore = ffi.Library('./MisbCoreNativeLib.dll', {
  'GetNodeInfo': [ 'string', [ ] ],
  'Decode': ['string', ['pointer', 'int']],


const jsonPckt = libmCore.Decode(binaryBuf, binaryBuf.length);