To use MisbCore SDK in production, you have to obtain a runtime license.
Please contact ImpleoTV sales to get a license. A license file (along with the activation key) is delivered via email attachment from the ImpleoTV Administration Center.

Demo restrictions

MisbCore SDK Demo version is limited to lower (<15) tags of MISB0601 standard.


In order to lift demo restrictions, call Activate method, providing the license and the key.

var misb601 = new MISB601();
misb601.Activate( @"MyMisbCore.lic", "B1ED44DE-154F6591-525FDBB8-60569BB8");  

Another option, in case you prefer to store your license as string / resource:

var misb601 = new MISB601();
misb601.ActivateLicString( licenseStr, "B1ED44DE-154F6591-525FDBB8-60569BB8");  

You can also set the environmental variables:


If these environmental variables are found during the MisbCore instance creation, the library will automatically call Activate method (using these env variables). In that case you may skip the Activate call.
If you want to use a different license, the Activate call will override the info from the environmental variables.

Getting Node Info

The SDK is provided as a node-locked SW, so you must submit some HW-specific info about your target machine. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Obtain Node Info using demo application
  • Call GetNodeInfo{} method
var misb601 = new MISB601();
var nodeInfo = misb601.GetNodeInfo();