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STANAG Stream Recorder/KLV Parser


STANAG Stream Recorder/KLV Parser is a software suite, providing the motion imagery analyst with the software tools to capture and exploit STANAG 4609 compliant video streams and embedded telemetry information. STANAG Stream Recorder/KLV Parser application designed to perform TS ( STANAG 4609 ) stream segmented recording, MPEG info detection, KLV metadata analysis, MPEG-7/XML/Text metadata generation and Google Earth (optional) real time KML link as well as post flight tour generation which may be used by the imagery analyst. Additionally, the application can generate Cursor on Target CoT ( PlatformPosition or/and Sensor Point-of-Interest ) messages out of the KLV telemetry information found in the stream.
The Recorder receives STANAG stream from IP network, records it to the local storage with optional segmentation (time / size) and displays the MISB EG0601.1/2/3/4 metadata information present in the stream. It supports both LDS (1 byte) and UDS (16 bytes) modes and uses configurable metadata dictionary (XML format), so any proprietary information, not defined in the standard may be used as a Key/Value/Description triplets. STANAG Stream Recorder/KLV Parser provides (MISB EG0601.4) metadata extraction and processing with optional presentation or XML recording. STANAG Stream Recorder/KLV Parser tool provides very useful features for developers, especially during the integration process. Additionally, it provides MPEG TS and elementary streams information extraction and descriptive metadata generation in various formats.

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STANAG Stream Recorder/KLV Parser has a Named User Licensing ("per named user") license model. The license is tied to the user's name. See more details about the STANAG Stream Recorder/KLV Parser Licensing Model

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