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Cursor on Target MISB EG 0805 metadata processing

MISB 0805 complient KLV to CoT conversion

Cursor on Target (CoT) developed by The Mitre Corporation defines location based data defines XML formatted location based data for sharing situation-awareness information. The CoT serves as a communication method for Department of Defense (DoD) systems to pass time sensitive position data. The CoT XML messages provide a description of an object (what), the time an event occurs (when), and the position of an event (where). Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) usually use Datalink Local Data Set(LDS) or Universal Data Set (UDS) for their platforms. In order to facilitate interoperability between different ISR systems, MISB EG 0805 defines a recommended conversions from EG 0104 and EG 0601 KLV metadata tags to two basic CoT schema messages (PlatformPosition and Sensor Point-of-Interest (SPOI). The Stanag Recorder application provides conversion between KLV UAS LDS/UDS MISB EG0601.4 (released 4 March 2010) specification and CoT, the XML based information. Recorder processes the metadata and generates the Situational Awareness COT messages. Generally, the Recorder's CoT Converter decodes the metadata found in KLV packet and generates Platform Position or/and Sensor Point-of-Interest message type ( depending on the mode set ).


To start CoT messages generation from KLV metadata:

Make sure KLV PID is detected. If KLV information is found in the stream, a blue led should be blinking. The number of packets sent and their rate are shown on the CoT tab.

Functional Flow Block Diagram.


The incoming TS stream processed by the network receiver module. KLV metadata stream is extracted by demultiplexer and passed to KLV Decoder which converts the data according to the MISB 0601 standard. Relevant metadata then used to build Platform Position and Sensor Point of Inerest messages, as defined in MISB 0805 specification. Additional information, provided by GUI is used to build these messages. Finally, CoT packets are sent over UDP to selected destination.

Additional information:

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