STANAG 4609 Player .NET SDK  Version 3.10.0


STANAG Player SDK is an "ITAR-free" library that provides STANAG TS stream/file playback, decoding / KLV extraction and frame grabbing. Used in both military and civilian applications, this .Net library allows developers to create multi-channel applications that receive and process streaming video coming from UAV platforms and extract/decode the MISB metadata. The SDK has a rich feature set that can be easily customized, providing a robust and cost-effective solution for any STANAG 4609 related development project.
STANAG Player SDK is based on StCore runtime, shared between both the player and the injector.


Main features:

  • STANAG 4609 network stream (TS over UDP and TS over RTP) playback.
  • STANAG 4609 file playback.
  • STANAG 4609 HLS (local files / LAN / clound / StanagOnDemand VMS) playback.
  • STANAG 4609 DVR mode* - Live / Pause, Trick mode (Step Forward / Backward, Seek), Back to Live.
  • Frame accurate (video frames / Klv packets)
  • ASYNC and SYNC Klv
  • MPEG TS (MPEG2/H.264 payload + MISB 0601.X / 0102.X, 0806, 0903.4(VMTI), 1204, 1601 metadata) support.
  • Synchronized Raw (compressed / uncompressed (RGB, YUV, Grayscale)) video frames, KLV (raw buffer + decoded metadata) and private data callback. Frame accurate sync.
  • VMTI (Video Moving Target Indicator and Track Metadata) MISB 0903.X support.
  • MISB to JSON / GeoJSON decoding.
  • Closed caption KLV extraction and transcoding.
  • C# sample code (Console, WinForms, Wpf).
  • Simple Video Overlay WPF Control.
  • "ITAR-free"

Please note, the SDK is provided in 64 bit mode.

DVR mode requires an external recorder (sold separately).

MISB standards

Misb 601 and supported nested standards

Player Block Diagram

Player Block Diagram

Getting Started with Stanag Player SDK

This section contains information designed to get you started quickly.

Make sure you have all prerequisites in place. For more info on Prerequisites. Also, the STANAG Player SDK is a 64 bit SDK, so please build your application accordingly.

The STANAG Player SDK comes with a demo application, so we'll start with compiling and running it with the STANAG file or stream as a source.

Console Demo Application
The command-line interface sample for STANAG Stream / File player.

Console player Demo app

Winforms Demo Application
Windows Forms (WinForms) GUI Framework Stream / File player. Demonstrates most SDK features, including DVR.

Winforms Demo app

Wpf Demo Application
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) STANAG Stream / File player. A basic application that shows how to integrate the SDK into WPF code.

WPF player Demo app

StanagOnDemand VMS client
Console demo app that shows how to consume video from StanagOnDemand VMS (Local/LAN/Cloud).

StanagOnDemand VMS client

Examples of usage the STANAG Player SDK for some basic tasks:

File / Network Stream Playback and Klv Extraction

Video / Data synchronization

HLS support.


DVR mode.

HW Acceleration

HW accelerated decoding for video playback. The SDK leverages multiple technologies such as DXVA, CUDA, QuickSync, and D3D11VA to enhance the decoding process.

HW Acceleration

Custom Decoder

Using the custom decoder

On-the-fly video resolution change

Supporting On-the-fly Video Resolution Change

Klv Monitor

Using Klv Monitor

License Activation

License Activation

KLV encoded metadata in MPEG Transport streams.

For more details on STANAG 4609 / TS stream and KLV metadata please see STANAG 4609 and KLV metadata in TS


  • DoD Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry (
  • MISP 4.5 - Motion Imagery Standards Profile version 4.5, dated 15 May 2008
  • MISB EG 0104.5 Predator UAV Universal Metadata Set, dated 14 December 2006
  • MISB EG 0601.14 UAS Datalink Local Metadata Set
  • ImpleoTV MisbCore SDK.

Glossary of Acronyms

EG - Engineering Guideline
FPS - Frames per Second
KLV - Key-Length-Value
MI - Motion Imagery
SI - Situational Awareness
MISP - Motion Imagery Standards Profile
RP - Recommended Practice
SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time
UUID - Universally Unique Identifier
XML - Extensible Markup Language

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