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MISB 0601 Standard details the Unmanned Air System (UAS) Datalink Local Data Set(LDS) for UAS platforms. It also provides a mapping between UAS Datalink Local Data Set items, ESD items, and Universal Data Set (UDS) items defined in the SMPTE KLV dictionary (RP-210) as well as in the MISB-managed Department of Defense (DoD) keyspace. The latest revision of the specification (0601.5, released 6 October 2011) defines some 93 keys and their mapping to the corresponding UDS items.
EG0601ConvLib C++ helper library is a complete programming tool set which simplifies the tasks of encoding and decoding the metadata (usually carried in KLV format) according to the standard. Primarily intended for use by developers working on the UAV related appications, IEG0601Converter and IEG0102Converter provide the following functionality:

Getting started with EG0601ConvLib

EG0601ConvLib provides examples with source code to help you get started using the converter. Here is a brief example of using the EG0601ConvLib for some basic tasks.

For more information please see some Sample Code

IEG0601Converter class

Please see IEG0601Converter for more details.

Security Metadata Set (MISB EG0102)

Library also provides MISB 102 (Security Metadata Set) encoding / decoding functionality.

Here is an example on how to encode and decode security metadata set structure.

// First, create and initialize the security metadata set
SecurityMetadataSetItem* pSecurityMetadataSetItem = new SecurityMetadataSetItem();
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->SecurityClassification = TOP_SECRET;
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ClassCountryReleaseInstr = FIPS_10_4_FourLetter;
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ClassifyingCountry = "//USA";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->SecuritySCI_SHI_Info = "SCI_SHI_Info";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->Caveats = "Caveats";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ReleasingInstructions = "Some ReleasingInstructions";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ClassifiedBy = "ClassifiedBy";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->DerivedFrom = "DerivedFrom";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ClassificationReason = "ClassificationReason";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->DeclassificationDate = "20120101";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ClassificationAndMarkingSystem = "ClassificationAndMarkingSystem";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ObjCountryCodingMethod = CC_ISO_3166_ThreeLetter;
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ObjectCountryCodes = "ObjectCountryCodes";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ClassificationComments = "ClassificationComments";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->ItemDesignatorID = "ItemDesignatorID";
pSecurityMetadataSetItem->Version = 1205;

Next, create the helper converter instance

IEG0102Converter* conv01012 = CreateEG0102Converter();
// Encoding sample:
size_t length;
// Get the pointer to the encoded data
const char* p = conv01012->EncodeMetadataSet(pSecurityMetadataSetItem, length, false);
// Decoding sample:
// Decode the data back
// We get the same buffer
conv01012->DecodeLDS( p, length, decodedItem );

Please see IEG0102Converter for more details.

Supported LDS / UDS Keys

Please see MISB 0601 supported keys for more info on supported Keys

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