Klv Stream Injector  Version 1.2.4
Klv Stream Injector

STANAG 4609 metadata injector.


KlvStreamInjectorProc is a command line utility that adds a MISB 0601.X metadata to a transport stream sent over UDP.
The metadata source can be RAW Klv or Json packets sent over Udp or read from file.

Klv Stream Injector

User Guide

Input parameters:

Short Command Description
-i –input Input url.
-o –output Output url (network).
-f –file File target Output url.
-u –udpIn UDP Input url. Injector will insert RAW KLV packets received at this url.
-j –jsonUdpIn UDP Input url. Injector will insert JSON packets received at this url.
-a –autostart Start processing immediately, without user prompt.
-p –packet Default Klv packet to insert. Can be either RAW Klv or Json.
-t –timeInterval Klv insertion interval (for default packet). If set to 0 (default), will be inserted with every frame.
-v –video Show video during processing. Default - false.
-d –maxDelay Max sync delay. Max delay between the video and klv.
-c –caching Network caching. Increase the value if the network stream has jitter. Decrease, to lower the latency.
–id Id. Application specific Id. Used for Ddp identification.
–firstKlvDateTime First Klv Date Time (ISO8601). If not set, existing klv time will be used, or if no klv present - current DateTime will be set as first Klv time.
–captureMode Capture Mode: Compressed (0) / Uncompressed (1) / Extracted Klv (2). Default: Compressed (0).
–syncKlvMode SyncKlv Mode. Default - false (generates ASYNC KLV).
–ddp Optional DDP (Meteor) url.
–transcodeMisb104 Transcode Misb 104.5 to Misb 601
–restSelfHost Rest Self Host url. Can be used for remote control of KlvStreamInjector.
–licenseFile License File path. If not set, Injector will try to load KlvInjector.lic file in Application.StartupPath directory.
–licenseKey License key.
–silent Set silent mode.
-? –help Help.
License arguments are persistent, so you should provide them only once.


Use Cases

Default packet

Capture Mode

KlvStream Injector Automation

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 64 bit.

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