STANAG Player/Recorder .NET SDK  Version 2.0.13
STANAG Player/Recorder .NET SDK



STANAG Player/Recorder .NET SDK is an "ITAR-free" library that provides STANAG TS stream/file playback, capture, decoding and KLV extraction functionality. Used in both military and civilian applications, this .Net library allows developers to create multi-channel applications that receive, play back and record streaming video coming from UAV platforms, extract the telemetry metadata (KLV format, for example, EG 0601.X) process it in real time or archive for later retrieval and processing. The SDK has a rich feature set that can be easily customized, providing a robust and very cost effective solution for any STANAG 4609 related development project.

Main features:

IKlpPlayer interface

KlvPlayer.Net SDK exposes KlvPlayer::IKlvPlayer interface (Main SDK interface)

KlvPlayerLib.NET SDK provides examples with complete source code to help you get started using the SDK for STANAG File/Stream playback and recording.

Figure 1. KlvPlayer Winfrom demo app.

Here is a brief example of usage the KlvPlayerLib.NET for some basic tasks.

Getting Started with KlvPlayer.Net SDK

This section contains information designed to get you started quickly

Network Stream Playback and Klv Extraction
Stream Recording
File playback and Klv Extraction
RTSP url list playback while recording.
Video Snapshots
Uncompressed Video Frames
Using custom decoder

KLV encoded metadata in MPEG Transport streams.

For more details on STANAG 4609 / TS stream and KLV metadata please see STANAG 4609 and KLV metadata in TS

Supported LDS Keys

Please see MISB 0601 supported keys for more info on supported Keys

0601 Keys Configuration File

There is an option to enable/disable some of the 0601 Keys processing, so only those application is interested in will be parsed. See MISB 0601 Key Configuration File for more details


Glossary of Acronyms

EG - Engineering Guideline
FPS - Frames per Second
KLV - Key-Length-Value
MI - Motion Imagery
SI - Situational Awareness
MISP - Motion Imagery Standards Profile
RP - Recommended Practice
SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time
UUID - Universally Unique Identifier
XML - Extensible Markup Language

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