STANAG 4609 Player .NET SDK  Version 3.9.1
License Activation

StCore SDK Demo is a fully-featured SDK version, but it has a 5 min limitation. In order to lift this time restriction, an instance must be activated by calling Activate method: Product activation is a license validation procedure.

// Activate instance
m_KlvPlayer.Activate("KlvPlayer", @"MyKlvPlayer.Key.lic", "B1ED44DE-154F6591-525FDBB8-60569BB8"); // note, this is just a sample key.

Please contact ImpleoTV sales in order to get a license. A license file along with the activation key is delivered via an email attachment from the ImpleoTV Administration Center.

Getting Node Info.

The SDK is provided as a node-locked SW, so you must submit some HW-specific info about your target machine. There are a few ways to do this:

Obtain Node Info using demo applications.

The easiest way to get HW-specific information is to use precompiled applications.

Console demo app:

NodeInfo in the console DemoApp
You must run it as Administrator in order to be able to save the NodeInfo string to the file.

or Winnforms demo app:

NodeInfo in the Winforms DemoApp

Obtain Node Info using NodeInfo.exe utility.

It is also possible to run a NodeInfo.exe utility (as administrator) to get a text file that contains the required information. It can be found at "C:\Program Files\ImpleoTV\StanagPlayerSdkNet\bin\x64".

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