STANAG 4609 Player .NET SDK  Version 3.9.1
Console Demo Application

StCore SDK's comes with a demo application that demonstrates a basic functionality - playing STANAG files / streams.

By default, the demo application is installed in "C:\Program Files\ImpleoTV\StanagPlayerSdkNet\Samples\KlvPlayerTestApp" directory. So, all you have to do is to open the KlvPlayerTestAppPr.sln solution and build it as a 64-bit application (debug or release).
Next, you must provide the STANAG source as an argument. For example:

Passing source args

to define a file as a source, pass the path with -i argument

-i c:\movies\mymovie.ts

Now, run the application. You should see something like this.

Starting Demo app

Looking at the code, you can see that the application accepts the following arguments:

Short form Long-form Description
-i –input Url. File or udp stream
-o –output Target directory for frame capture
-v –video Show / Hide video during processing
-d –maxDelay Max sync delay
-c –caching Network caching. Relevant for udp streams only
–frameCaptureFormat Frame capture format: 0-none, 1-jpeg, 2-bmp

You can pause, stop, restart, perform seek commands, and see their implementation in the code.
The application will show some statistical info on your stream.

You can also inspect Klv packets in a JSON mode by opening a special KlvMonitor window (Press K). See Using Klv Monitor for more details.

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