UAVideo Player  Version 2.1.23
UAVideo Player


The ability to quickly collect, analyze and disseminate ISR data is critical to a mission's success. UAVideo Player is a Full Motion Imagery exploitation application that comprises a tightly integrated set of tools with the following functionality: low latency decoding / rendering of STANAG/MISB compliant FMV live streams and telemetry, offline files / On Demand FMV (from RTSP server), DVR (multi-channel recording) functionality, Situational Awareness(Google Earth), MISB 0601.X telemetry processing and other advanced tools.

Figure 1.UAVideo Player application.

Main Features

Getting Started

Getting Started.

Stream Recording

Recording live feeds.

Telemetry Overlay

Configuring Telemetry Overlay

Situational awareness

Situational awareness with Google Earth
Situational awareness with 2D maps



Exporting part of the file

Exporting part of the file.

Channel import from EZ TV / FITIS

Importing channels from Optibase EZTV / FITIS server

Channel import from SAP

Importing channels from SAP

Using custom decoder

Using custom decoder

Player Plugins

UAVideo Player Plugins

Log window

Log Window


UAVideo Player Demo is a fully-featured version of the application but has some limitations. In order to lift this time restriction, the software must be activated with the valid license. For more info please see Activating an application

Supported host operating systems

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