Telemetry Extractor SDK  Version 1.0.1
STANAG 4609 Telemetry Extractor SDK (.Net) Documentation


STANAG 4609 Telemetry Extractor SDK is a .Net SDK that allows MISB metadata extraction from the STANAG 4609 or RAW binary files.

Use Cases:

Figure 1. STANAG Telemetry Extractor.

Main features:

(*) Optional

Main SDK Interface


Getting started with Telemetry Extractor.

STANAG 4609 Telemetry Extractor SDK provides examples with complete source code to help you get started using the SDK.

Using SDK is extremely simple - you provide a file path, start processing and get back decoded data pakcets in the following format:

Figure 2. Decoded packet.

Code Sample.

Using Telemetry Extractor for file parsing.

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