STANAG 4609 Streamer  Version 1.0.23
Klv Streamer.


STANAG 4609 mandates MPEG Transport usage for motion imagery distribution. A Transport Stream (TS) contains compressed and packetized video, optional audio and metadata information in a multiplexed data stream. STANAG Klv Streamer is an application that let you to re-stream STANAG TS files over IP networks. Used in both military and civilian applications, Klv Streamer allows developers and operators to re-broadcast a playlist of CBR/VBR STANAG / TS files over the UDP (unicast/multicast) with real time or slow / fast rates, preview resulting network streams with Klv metadata and analyze STANAG TS files.


The application is built on top of ImpleoTV's STANAG Streamer .NET SDK.

Main features:

KLV encoded metadata in MPEG Transport streams.

For more details on STANAG 4609 / TS stream and KLV metadata please see STANAG 4609 and KLV metadata in TS

Getting Started with Klv Streamer

This section contains information designed to get you started quickly

Streaming STANAG / TS files over IP

Two things must be done in order to start files re-broadcasting over IP:

Configuring Streamer

  1. First, add TS files by pressing a "Add files" button and selecting the files (or just Drag and drop them from the Explorer). File(s) will be added to the list and some parameters, like Bitrate, Duration and KLV presence will be detected.

  2. Configure ouput parameters by expanding "Target Params" control. You can select the network interface for streaming and unicast/multicast IP and port.

  3. Configure preview option parameters by expanding "Preview" control. If you select a Preview option and your output target is unicast, additional stream is generated (local loopback). Selecting Preview Output for multicast, configures a preview player to the same multicast group as the target, so the player 'joins' the same streaming session.


  1. You can select the desirable KLV Pid (if your stream has more than one) for Klv presentation. The preview decoder is configured to extract the selected KLV Pid.

Bitrate chart for file/playlist.

You can show a bitrate chart of file/playlist, as shown below:


Press the "Plot Bitrate" button to show the playlist chart or select and right click an individual file.

PCR discontinuity monitoring.

There maybe some TS stream errors that could affect correct bitrate calculation. For example, PCR discontinuity indicator error, when the difference between two consecutive PCR values is outside the range or become negative.


If the difference between two consecutive PCR values is negative, it is marked as Red circle on the graph.


Klv Streamer Demo is a fully-featured version of the application but has a time limitation. In order to lift this time restriction, the software must be activated with the valid license. For more info please see Activating an application


Glossary of Acronyms

EG - Engineering Guideline
CBR - Constant Bitrate
VBR - Variable Bitrate
FPS - Frames per Second
KLV - Key-Length-Value
TS - Transport Stream
MI - Motion Imagery
SI - Situational Awareness
MISP - Motion Imagery Standards Profile
RP - Recommended Practice
SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time
UUID - Universally Unique Identifier
XML - Extensible Markup Language

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