KLV Injector Batch  Version 1.0.11
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KLV Injector Batch is a powerful, yet easy to use video and telemetry processing tool for batch video assets preparation and metadata insertion into Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Imagery. This tool performs offline batch processing of the video and metadata files and generation of the STANAG 4609 compliant files. KLV Injector Batch is used for offline STANAG files generation by combining a FMV with an external sensors data.

Figure 1. Metadata injector.

Main features:

General Info

Batch processor executes Jobs. Jobs may include Tasks. Here are some examples of the Tasks:

Jobs and Tasks can be edited with the GUI and saved as a Project.

Getting started with KlvInjector Batch.

Use case 1.

Using KlvInjector Batch to insert a CSV telemetry data into MPEG-PS file.

Use case 2.

Using KlvInjector Batch to transcode a video file.

Editing the Job.

Editing Current Job.

Supported Data File formats.

Supported Data file formats.

Video Transcoding.

Video Transcoding.

Software requirements.


Klv Injector Demo is a fully-featured version of the application but has a time limitation. In order to lift this restriction, the software must be activated with the valid license. For more info please see Activating an application

Glossary of Acronyms

FMV - Full Motion Video
EG - Engineering Guideline
CBR - Constant Bitrate
VBR - Variable Bitrate
FPS - Frames per Second
KLV - Key-Length-Value
TS - Transport Stream
MI - Motion Imagery
SI - Situational Awareness
MISP - Motion Imagery Standards Profile
RP - Recommended Practice
SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

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