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KLV Injector is a powerful, yet easy to use video and telemetry processing tool for metadata insertion into Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Imagery. This tool performs on-the-fly generation and segmented recording of a STANAG 4609 compliant files. KLV Injector may be used for real-time STANAG streams generation by combining a FMV with an external sensors data, video/data assets post processing, creating unclassified test video sequences, etc.

Figure 1. Metadata injector.

Main features:

  • MISB 0601.X KLV on-the-fly metadata insertion into MPEG TS over UDP stream (live mode).
  • MISB 0601.X KLV offline metadata insertion into MPEG TS file. Real time (with video preview or faster than real time).
  • Capture device (uncompressed frame grabber) video source and H.264 low latency encoding.
  • Metadata sources - from RS232, LAN, File (binary, json or csv).
  • STANAG compliant files / streams from DJI video and telemetry.
  • Frame Center / Corner points calculation.
  • Template packets - metadata (binary, json) add / replace.
  • Live streams / files Klv time restamping (to adjust time or generate continues time from files played in loop).
  • Segmented stream recording.
  • Video transcoding (offline). You can use any type of source video files, change resolution / bitrate, etc.

Figure 2. KlvInjector application.

The Injector has two logical inputs - a first one for receiving a compressed digital video stream and a second one for receiving metadata information. The output is a segmented STANAG 4609 compliant file.

Getting started with KlvInjector.

Use case 1.

Using KlvInjector to insert a RAW KLV telemetry packets sent over Ethernet into TS stream (sent over UDP).

Use case 2.

Using KlvInjector to insert a time stamped text based (.csv or .json) telemetry information into the Transport file during its playback.

Use case 3.

Creating STANAG 4609 files/streams from DJI drone videos and logs.

Use case 4.

Creating STANAG 4609 files/streams using Capture Device (Frame grabber).

Metadata Processing with KlvInjector.

Metadata Preprocessing.


Timing Configuration.

File / Network target.

File and Network targets.

Supported Data File formats.

Supported Data file formats.

Video Transcoding.

Video Transcoding.

Gop Structure

GOP structure

Klv Monitor.

Using Klv Monitor

Software requirements.

  • You must have a Direct Show compatible decoder (MPEG2 or/and H.264) installed. Any 3rd party decoder can be used, including a free FFDShow (32 bit).
  • You must have a video stream or a video file in MPEG TS format. If your source video is in any other format, please transcode / remultiplex it. For more info on file transcoding please see Video Transcoding. section.


Klv Injector Demo is a fully-featured version of the application but has a time limitation. In order to lift this restriction, the software must be activated with the valid license. For more info please see Activating an application

Glossary of Acronyms

FMV - Full Motion Video
EG - Engineering Guideline
CBR - Constant Bitrate
VBR - Variable Bitrate
FPS - Frames per Second
KLV - Key-Length-Value
TS - Transport Stream
MI - Motion Imagery
SI - Situational Awareness
MISP - Motion Imagery Standards Profile
RP - Recommended Practice
SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

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