STANAG Player  Version 2.0.0
Filtering VOD missions

At the top of the Missions table, you can find some filters that will help to narrow your search to the relevant content only. You can create a custom filter combining the following filters:

  • Columns inline filtering - filter every column separately.
  • Mission's start and end time
  • Geo queries
  • Tag filter
  • Country filter

Filters are stored in a session storage, so they are deleted when the browser tab is closed.


Inline filtering

Type directly into the columns filters:


Time filtering

Select Missions start / end time

Filter Time

Geo filtering

See Geo query modes for more info on geo queries

Tag filtering

Select from available tags to filter the missions by tag info

Filtering by Tags

Country filtering

Select from the country list to filter the missions by country code

Filtering by Countries
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