STANAG Exporter  Version 1.0.0
STANAG Exporter utility

The software is still under development. New features will be added, so commands may change

Metadata / Video frames export / recaster utility for STANAG FMV.


STANAG Exporter utility allows you to export video frames and / or MISB metadata. Klv packets (both RAW and JSON decoded) may be sent over UDP (optional).

STANAG Exporter utility

Main features:

User Guide

Input parameters:

-i [--input] Input url(udp stream / file)
-o [--output] Output directory or udp target (json packets or raw packets only)
-v [--video] Show video during processing. Default - false
-f [--frameCaptureFormat] Frame capture format: 0-none, 1-jpeg, 2-bmp
-k [--klvCaptureFormat] Klv capture format: 0-none, jsonPckt = 1, jsonFile = 2, rawKlvPckt = 3, rawKlvFile = 4
-d [--maxDelay] Max sync delay
-c [--caching] Network caching (for udp stream only)
[--licenseFile] License File path.
[--licenseKey] License key
-? [--help] Help


StExporterProc.exe -i C:\Movie\StanagFile.ts -o C:\Movie\frames -f jpeg -k jsonFile -v false


License activation

Exporting video frames as JPEG or BMP

Exporting klv packets as metadata decoded to JSON format.

Exporting klv packets as one JSON file with decoded packets as json array.

Exporting klv packets as RAW (binary) buffer.

Exporting klv packets as one RAW (binary) file (demultiplexing).

ST Monitor.

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