STANAG On Demand  Version 1.0.33


In order to operate a STANAG On Demand Server you must have the following software installed on your machine:

  1. MongoDB.

These instructions assume that you have installed MongoDB to C: Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4.

- Create directory C:\Data\ and 2 subdirectories  C:\Data\db and  C:\Data\log
- Copy [mongodb.conf](tools/mongodb.conf) file to C:\Data\ directory (you may need to edit it if you have other MongoDB version or installation path)
- Install the MongoDB service by starting mongod.exe with the -install option and the -config option to specify the previously created configuration file.
"C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin\mongod.exe" --config C:\Data\mongodb.conf --install

Start the service:

net start MongoDB
  1. Install Visual Studio C++ redistributable packages:
  2. If you use a Windows Server, enable Desktop experience and Media Foundation features.
  3. To be able to access your server from outside you must configure a firewall. Add nodejs (C: Files) to the firewall rules.
  4. For live low latency more install and run Redis


Extract the files from the setup zip file and run the installation:

Setup Dialog

There are 2 installation options:

Untitled 1

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