STANAG On Demand  Version 1.1.2


Stanag On Demand server allows you to query a mission database using various search parameters. You can efficiently process a vast amounts of ISR data using various query criteria.

General Mission queries

Existing missions can be filtered using various criteria. For example, you can select relevant missions using time restriction criteria, Image Sensor or Platform criteria, or any of them combined.

Time restriction queries

Time restriction query

Platfrom queries

Platform selection query

Image sensor queries

ImageSensor selection query

Map queries

StanagOnDemand Map queries allow rapid information retrieval based on geographical information that serves as an input.

Filmed area query

Goal: to find missions that contain a video taken at the particular region of interest.

Missions coverage query

Video coverage query

Video coverage query. Another, extremely useful tool is a map query that graphically shows where exactly in the video clip you can find the places selected on the map. As shown below, the place selected on a map had been only filmed at the beginning of the mission, so if this is the only location we're interested in, there is no need to go over entire video.

Video coverage query
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