STANAG On Demand  Version 1.0.40
Low latency Live FMV playback

STANAG On Demand Server provides a low latency Live FMV playback functionality without a need in browser plugins. In order to achieve this, the net source / decoder / renderer components and sync mechanism are split between server and client.

In order to operate low latency Live FMV playback you must have one of the following installed and configured:

Installing Redis
Installing Redis DB is pretty straightforward using the installer package available from the web site.

You can use Windows installer for Redis and run it as a Windows service.

Configure Redis.
There is no special configuration needed if it is run locally. If for some reason you need to change a port, you can edit a corresponding redis section of the "\StServer\data\config.json".

"db": {
"connection_str": "mongodb://localhost:27017/db"
"license": {
"key": "57634006-CD1B8A78-F5EE465A-D5D4D008"
"ingester": {
"path": "./dlls/SegmentIngesterProc.exe"
"player": {
"path": "./dlls/KlvPlayerRawCapture.exe"
"ffmpeg": {
"path": "C:/Utils/FFMpeg/bin/ffmpeg.exe"
"ffprobe": {
"path": "C:/Utils/FFMpeg/bin/ffprobe.exe"
"redis": {
"connection_str": "http://localhost:6379"
"ramdrive": {
"path": "R:"

If you need an uncompressed frames for real time image processing, you may configure a folder where these images will be saved. To get a better results it is highly recommended to install a Ram drive module on the server. For example, the following Virtual Disk Driver can be used - ImDisk

You can download ImDisk Toolkit and use RamDiskUI to configure the Ram Disk.

RAM Drive configuration
Creating Live mission
Configuring network parametersate
Configuring telemetry parametersate
Starting recasting

Your Live Mission is now playing. You (or any client connected to this server) can go to the Home page and start a playback by selecting the mission in the Mission table.

The latency can greatly vary, it depends on many parameters (stream profile, network jitter, etc), but in general, it is possible to achieve a sub 100 ms numbers in optimal conditions.

Server will automatically restart all running live sessions on its launch.

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