MISB 0903 Converter Library  Version 2.02
Supported features.

VMTI Local Data Set

Tag Name Description
2 UnixTimeStamp Microseconds elapsed since midnight (00:00:00 UTC), January 1, 1970 (the UNIX Epoch).
3 VmtiSystemName Text string to allow the inclusion of the name and/or description of the VMTI system. (Up to 32 bytes long)
4 VmtiLDSVersion Version number of the VMTI LDS document
5 NumberOfTargetsDetected The total number of targets detected in the frame.
6 NumberOfReportedTargets The number of targets reported following a culling process.
7 VideoFrameNumber The video frame number corresponding to the frame in which the targets were detected.
8 FrameWidth Width of the video frame in pixels.
9 Frame Height Height of the video frame in pixels.
10 VMTISourceSensor Width of the video frame in pixels.
11 VMTISensorHorizontalFOV Horizontal field of view of imaging sensor input to VMTI process.
12 VMTISensorVerticalFOV Vertical field of view of imaging sensor input to VMTI process


Tag Name Description
1 TargetCentroidPixel
2 BoundingBoxTopLeftPixel
3 BoundingBoxBottomRightPixel
4 TargetPriority
5 TargetConfidenceLevel
6 NewDetectionFlag
7 PercentageOfTargetPixels
8 TargetColor
9 TargetIntensity
10 TargetLocationLatOffset
11 TargetLocationLonOffset
12 TargetHeight
13 BoundingBoxTopLeftLatOffset
14 BoundingBoxTopLeftLonOffset
15 BoundingBoxBottomRightLatOffset
16 BoundingBoxBottomRightLonOffset

VTracker LDS

Tag Name Description
1 Target ID
2 Detection Status
3 Start Time Stamp
4 End Time Stamp
5 BoundingBox
6 Algorithm
7 Confidence
8 Number of Points
9 Locus
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