MISB 0903 Converter Library  Version 2.0.7
Iterating the VMTI packet and printing the results (C++).

This is an example of STD0903 Converter usage for VMTI data traversing. This code snippet demonstrates how to go over the VMTI packet and print out the data.

Here is a code of the PrintData helper function used above:

void PrintData(ISTD0903Converter* conv, VARIANT& vt)
switch (vt.vt)
case VT_BSTR:
cout << (char*)(_bstr_t)vt;
case VT_UI1:
case VT_UI2:
case VT_UI4:
cout << vt.uintVal;
case VT_UI8:
cout << vt.ullVal;
case VT_R4:
cout << vt.fltVal;
case VT_R8:
cout << vt.dblVal;

For the complete sample source please see Sample Code - MISB 0903 Converter Demo Application (C++)

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